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Title |   The Gospel is for All
2017-02-22 19:47
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  • Sin, Gill, Kim, An, lee, Esther
I am in the workplace where I am working in a respite cottage in Hornsby area for Sunshine. It is my first time to work with sleepover. Interestingly, I had a conversation with one of clients in this cottage before he went to bed. He has a disability to speak and move. I don't really know the name of disease. But he is a smart man even though he cannot speak as fast as ordinary people do, he still can express himself with a lot of vocabularies.

The beginning of the conversation was that I asked him to go to bed as my duty of care for him but he didn't want to go to bed for he was doing something with computer eventually he was upset and I argued with him.

And having said with the question "Are you Christian?" It was starting point of the interesting conversation with him. He said that he is Jewish. Right after he's saying I started having a wondering about the Jewish. So I asked him about the Jesus and salvation.

Although he wasn't able to speak clearly due to his disability but he's thinking is greater than my thought. He is a current student at Macquarie University to study regarding social justice especially for disability people.

As I knew the Jewish people so loved to talk about something with others likewise he was so happy to talk about his values and religion. After I had a conversation with him for almost 1 hour he was happy to go to bed by himself and he said to me it was good talking with me.

Having the time of conversation with him, I stuck my mind in a way of understanding him and God. I have freedom to use my brain and physical abilities but I didn't put my effort for me to develop my conscious for sharing with others. I need to say that it is a good inspiration of awakening my attitude towards disability people, me, and God.

No matter what I had difficulties it is not compared with him who could think properly. They eager to share their story and they also need to have truth that the salvation is for all people regardless of their barriers.

Father Lord, I pray that I could express your love towards people who have believed their own way with other God. I really need to overcome all my barriers. Please help me to share your Gospel in correct way.