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Title |   2019-8-13
2019-08-14 08:31
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1. Did you think of Jesus when you woke up this morning or before your meals?

No I didn't. I woke up today at 5:30 today instead of 4:30 a.m. I was only able to pray for 1 hour and read 20 chapters of Jeremiah.

When did JESUS come to your mind during the day?

Jesus came to my mind at the group session and when I am talking with my coworkers and when I'm working and I needed help.

2. Did The Holy Spirit speak to you through the Word during the meditation (QT) today?
Yes Holy Spirit told me that I'm just like the Israelites where my heart is deceiving and I often lose sight of God before idols.
3. What was the message God gave you today? What did you do specifically to obey His command?
God was giving me that I need to keep praying for other people. By myself in the church for the church service. He also gave me a heart to really appreciate Betsy and give her a gift.

4. In what areas did you have difficulty in following the Word of God today?
Today I struggled waking up on time seeking God. And I had a hard time praying TimeWise. I also struggle with thinking about Jesus during meals or anything I did today.

5. Write down three thanksgiving prayers.
Dear Lord, thank you so much for helping me learn about my weaknesses and the areas that I struggle in. Please help me to not lose sight of you Jesus and really really stay connected to you. Thank you so much for the opportunity to love others but help me to not do it for myself or for my glory but to glorify you. I don't want to be a people pleaser and help me to stay strong in you and find comfort in you and no other. I love you Jesus. And I pray this in Jesus name amen