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Title |   2019-8-10
2019-08-11 07:33
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1. Did you think of Jesus when you woke up this morning or before your meals? I woke up at 4 a.m. today even though I walk up earlier I snooze my alarm went back to sleep. It was my time for prayer but I wasn't able to pray wholeheartedly to God. When I was eating my meals I did not think of God at all. I need to repent.

When did JESUS come to your mind during the day?
Jesus came to my mind when I was reading Bible. And particularly when I read a book from 유기성 목사님.

2. Did The Holy Spirit speak to you through the Word during the meditation (QT) today? I feel like holy spirit was telling me not to be lazy and focus on him more.

3. What was the message God gave you today? What did you do specifically to obey His command?
The message that I read in the Bible was from Proverbs. Go to the ant you sluggard and learned from him. A little sleep a little slumber, a little folding of hands and poverty will come upon you like an armed robber.

4. In what areas did you have difficulty in following the Word of God today?
I had a difficulty rejoicing in Jesus and thanking God every single moment in all my circumstances. I felt like I was comparing myself to others who are well-off, had better jobs, and have a beautiful wife or girlfriend. I think this comes from Satan and I need to resist the temptation always by remaining in Jesus.

5. Write down three thanksgiving prayers
Dear God thank you so much then you have given another day for me to live and remember how great you are through the books that I read today and assuming that I heard. Lord thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to repent and realize how distance I am from you. Jesus thank you for being a Christ my savior and my God who always cares for me watches over me, and loves me no matter how unfaithful and hypocritical I am. I don't want to live like this anymore Lord help me to submit to you completely and immersing your love and focus and fix my eyes on you at all times Jesus. Amen