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Title |   2017.7.17. Jesus Companion Diary with Lord's Prayer
2019-07-18 08:47
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Now i'm back to normal life.
Sleeping in the evening, waking up at dawn, seems to have passed almost three weeks. It was not like Job's trial, but it was a period of more intimate fellowship with the Lord and a more grateful period of gratitude for his grace.
I appreciate it. Lord!

◇ Was god's name holy today? (When is the moment when the Lord thought and called his name?

and stand up to the name of the Lord. In the hours of early morning prayer, I was able to calmly dwell in the lord's grace and move forward.
Call the Lord's name and ask for his face. The time of early morning prayer was the deepest time to meet the Lord.
In the middle of the day, we go forward by calling out the Lord's name. When i meet with egyptian missionaries during cutie meetings, I look to the Lord when I think of who I am calling and when I speak.
I think of the Lord even during medical treatment and when I wash the dishes after dinner.
I shared a monologistis prayer from Missionary Lee Kyung-so of Egypt. "Lord! Be merciful to me!" It is a prayer. It is also a short-term prayer. When the Egyptian monk, Makarius, asked him about how his disciples prayed, he taught them that he had been trained to look at the Lord, which was called an arrow and a respiratory tract. "Lord! Please be merciful to me!" You cannot live without the grace of the Lord.
The Evening Galatians Prayer Meeting further looks to the Lord and moves forward. I appreciate it. Lord!

◇ Did my father's country come to me? (What did you ask?
◇ Was your will fulfilled to me as it was done in heaven? (What is the word you have given today, and have you obeyed?)

When i asked about the day's routine at the early morning prayer meeting, he said rest at home, not morning exercise. Have a special morning. I appreciate it. Lord!
He told me to spill something today, and i put it on my desk and forgot to go out and finally did not do it. Obey the word to speak in other ways.
Obey the word to serve egyptian missionaries. Obey to be a channel of service.
I was so happy and grateful to be with the three families who attended the last Seminar in Egypt. We go up to South Korea and socialize together.
Elder Nightlife served me a meal and tea. I am so blessed with the way i like it.
Thank you for continuing to share the story of your life with the Lord.
Walking and teatime bless estheticmissionaries. He said he wanted to move here because he had nowhere to walk in Egypt, so he realized that it was God's guidance that came here today with obedience.

The morning cutie is a recollection of Job. "I felt that the recollection of "then..." is not the case now, "Today. Now I decide to live the day with a confession of faith. I am accompanied by the Lord today. 'I live today with the Lord.'
Job's life is a life of love for his neighbor, and he realizes that it is a Christian life.
When I prayed after the early morning prayer, the Church said that it should not walk with the Lord, think, and like himself, and that it should flow into true neighborly love, and thank you again for affirming through the Word.
I like the time of sharing and praying with ministers for a long time. I appreciate it. Lord!

◇ Did God fill me with a daily form to use today? (What are the things you supplied today?

It's the most painless day of the day when you wake up in the early morning. Thank you for allowing so many recovery.
The body is just over. There's still some inconvenience, but thank you for not having a big problem.
Thank you for confirming that you have improved your treatment in a clinic. It's still a sudden fatigue, but it's very good. I appreciate it. Lord!

◇ What was the sin i was forgiven for, and to forgive others? (What makes the relationship uncomfortable?

I'm a little uncomfortable with the phone inquiry.
Everyone accepts everything as self-centered, and it's taken for granted, but there's still a lingering afterglow. I am grateful that I have a limited area to do.

◇ Did you win and live without falling into the test of Satan? Has the problem of sin already habitually solved? (Where did Satan come from?

I chose not to take a break from being distracted. Now that you have realized how important rest is, you should take a full break.
But with a pause, i realize that holding a handphone is not a real rest.
Rest is a real rest. As a doctor, I feel like my shoulders and buttocks are on the ground to feel rested.
It's not a flimsy sleepless pause, but a perfect pause that really causes rest.