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Title |   Deny Myself and Take my Cross
2018-04-23 16:06
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  • Btc, Mahendra, Shim, Mccalla
I am living in 21 century but still, the word of God in the Bible affects me somehow I redraw attention to God. Logically, I know how to live and act in accordance with God's commandments from the word of God for being as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Nevertheless, I often fail to remain in a right way to live as a Christian.
Having said that echoes me with Paul's letter in Romans deny your self and take your cross in your daily life. I didn't understand what that means to me. But throughout reading and living complicated life in 21 century, I realised that I need to deny myself at all times otherwise I get easily stumbled by distraction and hindrances from the earthly life.

God's attributions are Love of God and justice of God which refers there is a God's grace but at the end of life itself has to be judged by according to what you have done in the life. I tend to focus on the Loving God so he will forgive me any sins as he promised. However, there is a significant thing to remember that I need to repent my sins in the name of Jesus as he shed his blood for my sins. This is a God's way.

Grace and Salvation are not cheap or free. God had to pay tremendously for His beloved son Jesus due to the Law of God. The life I am living in now is for God's
Because He paid my sins and saved me from the darkness so that I got freedom.

To grasp God's way of loving and judging is a crucial for me and for His people.
We are all weak and vulnerable. However, as far as I know, if I remain in Jesus and He is in me then I will make plenty of fruit itself in my earthly life.