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Title |   The worries of hardships. 16/11/25
2018-01-11 17:39
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Friday, November 25, 2016

I finished reading a book named finding God by Larry Crabb, which I got from the past during the last vacation. That book has been bringing me down because it keeps saying unpredictable hardships and pains God throws to people.

I've been worried all day today and yesterday about hardships of the future and it made me think God is not reliable. It is true that God would sometimes let me have some pains but I must believe that God loves me! All the low, depressing and worrying feelings that came from meditations on pains and hardships of the future have swallowed me up because I was disconnected from the certainty of love of God through confessing and belief. As soon as I ran to Christ, all of the worries were gone and gladness and rejoice came to me!

I must not forget that every weakness of me must drive me to God at once!