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Title |   God will doing this diary help?
2017-09-05 09:46
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 40%
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  • Yoon, Kim
I need to be able to hear you again. God, I'm questioning my ability to hear your voice and direction. Church has me so confused. The pastor called you she and a gay pastor preached two Sundays ago. God, I don't know what is right before you but I'm very uneasy about all the LGBT stuff in church. God, is there a place for me to serve you at your church? Then God which church? God, I hunger for a pure church. I hunger for you. God, I want community with others whose interest is just Jesus. God I'm starting this diary today. My Korean is so basic I can't even fully understand 유기성 모사님's teaching and sermon, but I feel it's you leading me to this.

God, I have turned so callous. Forgive me for my lack of sympathy for those suffering through Harvey in Texas. God, be king Jesus in Texas. Forgive me for my lack of prayer for North Korea, South Korea. God lead me to intercede, give me your heart to pray and ache when you ache. God, I ask for peace, freedom, truth for North Korea. God, give divine wisdom to those in authority in America and South Korea. God, do wonders for Noty Korea and set the captives free. God, let freedom reign in North Korea. God, set them free.

God thank you I found 유기성 목사님's sermons on YouTube. Thank you I found the diary with Jesus in English. Thank you I was able to log on. Good night God.
  • Lee(paulihn)
  • 2018-10-20 23:19
  • I know how you feel. If I was in same service and listening to that sermon from that pastor, I would be so confused. Let's say, it's really like the WAR.. I mean, spiritually.
    Did you find your new church now? I support your struggling as a disciple of Jesus in your life!!!