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Title |   Having met with Homeless
2017-07-26 19:53
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I met a person who was a homeless in the patrol station after work today.
I went there for filling my fuel as well as washing my car. Having done all I wanted to do in the patrol station and I got a coffee with bread as my dinner before I go another workplace.

There was a someone who was asking $2 to bystanders at the main door of patrol station. He asked me as well but I denied what he was saying to me due to not having cash.

I started eating next to him. Back then, God was telling me an idea that I could buy him a coffee and muffin by my debit card. So I asked him if you like to drink coffee then I would like to buy you a coffee and bread as I have bit of money in my card. He was so happy to accept my offer as he was asking to everyone to get a coffee before he go to train station to sleep in the train.

I was so happy to help him with my little money. Having bought food for him we started having conversation what happened to him. He said he was recently fired from his formal job as factory worker so he has been struggling with financial status in his current life.

He told me he didn't expect to be homeless. Having talked with him, it reminds me Jesus as he was not having home in his public ministry and he taught us to help for those who have disadvantaged in our community.

I tend to avoid practical things as a Christian to follow God's commandments to love in action for everyone as Jesus showed us.
It is vital that to be a genuine disciple of Jesus.
Ministry is not about talking is about acting properly.

I am sure it was God's teaching to me to do for God's glory is focusing on people who have struggled their lives. Don't neglect them. They are also children of God. I have to treat them as Jesus as Jesus taught us through bible.

Thanks Lord for realizing what I need to do for your people. I really want to look forward to helping your children as I have got help from others.
Be with me Lord and inspire me all the times. Love you my father Lord.