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Title |   19th may 2017
2017-05-19 23:18
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I always thought to write spiritual journal but in fact I didn't do it again,ㅠㅠ it's because j saw sns before write and then felt sleep~ But today i keep promise to write and treng treng i am writing now~^^ Thanks Jesus
Yes, after took a rest for writing spiritual journal,it's really difficult to write again~~ let's no give up for writing esther!!

Today my personal Qt from Act 1:15-26. When i read it,my eyes focus on verse 21,22 and 24. There were some people besides 12 disciples that always go with jesus from the first time until He died (21,22).although we don't know who they are and bible didn't write them. God knew them and God knew their heart (24). God also accounted them. I am so blessed with that. Although people don't know us, and never account . God know it. And the most important thing is God know heart and see it. And in God time, He will reveal it. God, help me to always realize that You know everything even others and myself don't know it. Help me to know that You see my heart. You know who i am and You have plan n You will realise it in Your time.

Today foreign minister students in my school went go around soul and used hanbok. We walked for maybe 1hours that's why my legs got pain and so tired now, ㅠㅠ but it's a good time God. Thankyou for all friends and experience today. I am so thankful and i felt joy. I believe You will use all of us in our own country when we back. Help us to fix our eyes on You wherever we go. Bless our family in our country.
Bless our ministry in this country also. May all the honor and glory be with You through us. Ah, one more, I realized today that i still feel uncomfortable with 000. I thought I forgot what 00 did and perfectly healed but maybe i still felt uncomfortable with 000. That's why when 000 started to speak this and that with her style, I ignored. Forgive me oh God and clean my heart and help me to love and receive 000 as You love and receive me. Although since for the beginning we are not closed but help me to be close and understand her.

I went to church with a tired condition but still felt joy. Thanks oh God. i also Contacted some people for ministry things and did my paper a little bit. Thanks God. Thanks for 00kansanim and 00kansanim. Thanks for food and juice. Thanks for today. it's Great!

Tonight sermon remain me again to fix my eyes on You and make You as a center of my life. Although i keep fail to do Your desire but thanks to always raise me Up. Thanks for never leave me alone. Help me to love you more than my self and my life. Help and lead me to live in Your presence everytime. Help and lead me to live holy as You are. Cleanse me and anointed me all the times. And thankyou for help and lead me to pray for many people and things. Thankyou for remaining me God. Thank for Your heart when i pray. Prayer time is always precious time, be glorified Oh God and may Your will be done on earth as in heaven.

Bless our outing tomorrow God.
Be with us and may the outing will Glorify Your name and may the outing will be a tool of Your love.
I love You Father God
And sweet dream