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2017-05-08 23:15
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Children are a heritage from the LORD,offspring a reward from him
(Psalm 127:3)

I've struggled with a lot of problems, because my son tore his ankle ligaments 1 month ago,he took a midterm test, and the results of the test was not good. I couldn't understand him cus he didn't have much passion about study.

As a mother, I have to support him as much as I can, and give lots of love. However, I'm often disappointed his way of life. Of course He is a middle schooler who is stuck in puberty. Especially in these days, I don't know what should I pray for him, and how can I believe God's way about my son.

While I was taking sunday worship service, I realized that how foolish I am, and how my faith is so week.

My son is a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

Even though I can't fully understand him, I surely believe God's plan for my son.

Oh~ God, give your love and mercy. Please give me your patience, and Let me show your way.

I always praise you! A-men.