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Title |   First english diary.
2017-04-02 07:17
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Thank you, Jesus for your patience and guidance.
Yesterday evening, I could go to north side and join the prayer meeting by S.Y's suggestion. S.Y tried to introduce some people to me. Even though I attended this place so many years, this is new because S.Y tried to help me to meet new people. I began to try broaden my area and S.Y and Olivia became a good neighbour helping me to go north side and to make a new relationship. I thank God so much for this new friendship with this family. I pray for this new family with Korean dad and American new mom joined together in Jesus love and blessing. Also, I pray for Olivia(Jae-won)'s college admission and her message at the High school meeting at the Easter conference.

From the message of Sunday worship service,I knew that I need to train myself in a constant, daily basis. But,I fall down again and wasted time with watching news and laziness. I need God's guidance and help to learn self-control and training myself, freeing myself from bad habits. I perceive this time of the year is more challenging. I like warm spring but easy to be more sinful and lose spiritual life. Please, give me wisdom and do good spiritual fight against the disguising being who always tries to prevent the spiritual relationship and growth. Lord, Help me to pray and give wisdom and bless this church community to be united in your name. Give wisdom and love which binds us all together. Because most of our members are working full time, we need some wisdom and passion to love and encourage each other. Bless the sharing meeting on Friday evening and the prayer meetings at north side and the Easter conference on 4/7-9.

Because I put the TV and computer monitor on upstairs, the first floor is very calm and great for quiet time and reading. Father, help me to enjoy the quiet time and spend more time in reading good books with Paul, and to be busy doing housework as Nancy said based on Titus chapter 2. She taught me how the house work means for the kingdom of God helping family members to taste the heaven. It is my great responsibility to do works for preparing the house for the family. Please, bless this new environment for serving and spiritual place.

Luke 8:25 "Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and ." Luke 8:30 Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" "Legion," he replied, because many demons had gone into him. 31 And they begged him repeatedly not to order then to go into the Abyss. Jesus is mighty God who can calm down any powerful tides in this world, the tides of this generation. The great influence of internet and the media and SNS. Most of all he can cleans us from all evil demons inside us whenever we honestly confess ourselves and accept his help.
Father, thank you for your mighty hand. We believe your mighty power over this waving powers of this world. Guide us into the right path and give us wisdom and power to overcome all the worldly influences of this world and search your will and kingdom and live as your people. Bless this family to learn self training and searching for you. I believe your mighty power and guidance. Help us to make decisions and obey you.

Thank God for granting this new only English mode computer in this bible house and guiding me to write English diary and request new group room.
Bless this computer as a great tool for this bible house.