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Title |   Still Before God
2017-03-28 22:40
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 40%
  • · Obeying the Word: 40%
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  • Kim
Today i learn n meditate how to be still before God. I realized how noisy i am even in my Quite Time.
Even in my Quite Time i speak alot to God than hear what God want to say to me. When i pray, most of my prayer request are my request and what people request to me to pray than what God want to me to pray. Even sometime i teach god what God have to do in this and that. I realized today that i was so noisy. Maybe God always say "Esther be still, it's ok, just be still before Me" or say "if You little bit quite maybe you can understand and can feel enjoy for everything". Yeah, I realized this toninght. Just now.
In the morning devotion when i heard message about "be strong and courageous" , i speak in my heart yes i knew that. When i did my homework today, i did it while listening to music. I really can't stand still and Quite before God. ㅠㅠ
My mind full of these and those
My heart full of these and those
I have so many willings
I am so noisy
That's why i can't hear God clearly
It's happen almost all my life.
God, Father forgive me,ㅠㅠ
Help me to be still before You
To hear You
To not do anything say anything before You speak to me
God, i am having hardtime to being still
I lay down my resistance to silence ans ask for Your help to spend time in silence with You everyday.
Help me God
lead me~
Fill me with Your spirit
Speak to me~
1. Did you think of Jesus when you woke up this morning or before your meals?
When did JESUS come to your mind during the day?

2. Did The Holy Spirit speak to you through the Word during the meditation (QT) today?

3. What was the message God gave you today? What did you do specifically to obey His command?

4. In what areas did you have difficulty in following the Word of God today?

5. Write down three thanksgiving prayers