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Title |   March 18.
2017-03-18 19:31
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 100%
  • · Obeying the Word: 100%
  • · Word(devotion) :
  • · Prayer :
  • · Amen ( 2 )
  • · Those who said Amen :
  • Esther, Kim
[God’s guidance]
“Oh! I’m praying for you!”
“Keep on going!”
“God is with you!”
“Keep on praying!”

Today, I met 4 people who said that they are praying for me.
I felt lonely, yesterday, like a lonely planet.
Last night, I was cried to sleep.
I am poor. Yes, it is my real situation.
Sometimes, my poverty is a clue, connecting every bad thinking and feeling into the one, big hole.

Today, I got up late and thought, ‘I don’t want to go to the early morning prayer meeting.’
But I decided to go to church.
In the service, the preacher said ‘If you have a dream, keep on going! Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. God will provide for you everything.”
And one sister Jundosanim, while we are talking together on the phone, said, Great!

I was applied several churches, for ‘safety in finance’ and for ministry.
Yes, safe finance is the first cause of applying.
In the very morning, right after the application, one church called me and said, “Why don’t you see me today?”
While I was going to meet him, the Holy Spirit said to me, “This church is not for you.”
“Then why should I go here to meet him?” I asked.
“It’s your effort, dear.” The Holy Spirit said.
And the senior pastor was very active to call me. But everything is confused.
He called me twice, but I couldn’t decide yet.

Mother was angry at me, but later, she understood and obeyed to the voice of God.
I was prayed, “If you really don’t want me to go there, send the church really good minister, and give me 2 million Won.” I don’t know whether He send them good minister or not. He didn’t give me money at all. But He already said, No. So I couldn’t go there.

Today morning, I said this story to her, and she said. “Yeah! Great! Good job, dear!”

In the afternoon, I was happened to meet one professor. He is a dean or another position of one seminary in Korea. I greeted him and he said, “Oh, you started a new thing! That’s good!” Oh!

And one more, one pastor came to me while I was translating in the library.
I said my story briefly. Actually, he advised me that I should not go another church if I have really called here.
He said. “Great! Keep on going! God’s calling is sometimes like a desert. But in there, you can meet God intimately. And He will provide everything you need!”

God send me four faithful people to say, “KEEP ON GOING!”
I should pray regularly for those who are received my prayer letter.
Thank you, God!