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Title |   i am so blessed
2017-03-14 00:05
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  • Kim
I was so tired yesterday n cuz there's no morning devotion, I woke up late until 9 o'clock in the morning. I prepared my sermon for tomorrow morning devotion about parable of two sons in Luke. I saw myself in them. I saw myself in the younger one. I love my relationship with God. I feel comfortable with HIm. but sometimes because of my selfishness I want go far away for Him to do whatever I want to do. I thought that I can make it by myself. sometimes I also like the older one. I tried my best, I served hardly n so dilligent in everythings. I thought it for HIm. I thought I did it for God. but then I lost my joy. I lost my relationship with God. I forget that He always with me, I forget that His desire is with me. His desire is walking with not, not serve hardly then forget anythings.
so I came bown down n confess my sins. I know God is faithfulness, He received me n felt joy because of me. yes, I was lost but now I found.
I wish, every students also can felt what I felt today. so today, I decided to enjoy my day without worries about Hebrew translation n Aram language. I decided to enjoy in them n not felt rush n worried. yes, I studied by myself without burden today. I don't want lose my joy because of it. I don't want satan use it to make me stress n lost my joy. I believe in can make in maybe not now, not soon as I wish, but I believe I can make it in the right time. God with me, I will do my best n He will do the rest. I don't want lose God n joy in Him. and today, I felt so free from them. I heard worship songs while I studied. I enjoy read books n hebrew bible today.
I went to hebrew studied group n class at night. for 6 p.m-10.50 pm. althought the class still difficult to me. although it's not as smooth as I expected, I didn't feel too stress than last week. although I still very bad in it, I believe I will make it better day by day. yeah, I learnt it 5 years ago n learn again now, so it's natural if I felt difficult in it now.
God with me I don't need to worry, ^^
I can't speak korean 3 years ago but now I can, it's same with these two languages. I can't now but one day I definitely can make it. thanks for this positive thinking God.
after class, I met my foreigner friend in dormitory n eat chicken together. thanks for this new family God. I am so blessed.
I am so blessed that u call me ur daughter. I am so bless that u forgive n love me without limit. I am so blessed that u change the way of my thinking. I am so bless that u with me. I am so blessed that You found me when I lost. I am so blessed that Your desire is with me n have intimate relation with me.
I am so blessed oh God.