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2017-03-12 23:40
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  • Kim
Thanks God for today. I was so tired, but thanks that I can felt Your presence whole the day. thanks for new people who come to church. from qurish from poland (actually I don't know how to write her name) n nancy from indonesia. now, we have 3 indonesian in Gsic,hahhaa.
thanks for sermon. thanks to remain me to love others. thanks to remain me that hate is same with murder. so if I hate people it means I murder him.
thanks to remain me to not compare anythings.
thanks for today messages God.
thanks that I can finish my paper too, hehe
but today it's quite difficult to worship You with all heart.
I interrupted by the wrong tempo. I closed my eyes and pray to focus on You but I still could not concentrate, ㅠㅠ
But thanks for the Resurrection praise. I can felt Your presence n felt that you cleansed me.
thanks that I could meet sophia, thanks that You always with her n give her strength.