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Title |   in God presence
2017-03-11 23:37
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 50%
  • · Obeying the Word: 45%
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  • Kim, You
I woke up with thanksgiving in my heart. I praised God, prayed and went to office. arrived in office, we cleaned office and I started make ppt for tomorrow and contacted some church members to say hello with them. nothing special happened, I just did my activities as usual. but at 2 pm when I met 사모님 n started our sharing n meeting, I filled of Holy spirit. I Felt His presence. God lead our prayer n open our mouth to pray, not for topic that we wanted to pray but for God's willing. it's amazing. we repent, cried n praised God. yes, nowdays I busy with my new schedule n activities. I busy with my class n got so stress. I prayed but just a pray cuz I don't want lose my prayer time. but in that time, I felt so free. I was in God's presence. Holy spirit was leading me. i was free. I felt so joy.
then I went to WJM office. yes, I met my family. my dad n uncle,haha (spiritual n physical dad n uncle, I acclaim that by myself )
we have a deep conversation about many things. we talked about pray,faith, mission, indonesia, God' heart, an intimate relationship with God,etc. I surprised with myself that I can confess things that I never confess before. I realize that God changes me.
He change my faith, the way of my thinking. I am not I was
yes, if we meet God we will change . we will not become we was. we will be a new person. person that God want we to be.
Although it's not totally lost, I lost a lot of anxiety.
I trust God more than anyone now. more than myself, my familes, anyone in the world
I can realize now that God lead me for many things. people who I met, professor who I met, friend who I met, schools which I went n go now, church that I attend, pastor, etc.
it's all because of God's guidance and grace. i walk in His plan n purpose.
Thanks n I love You God.