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Title |   wait, pray n obey
2017-03-10 23:58
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 40%
  • · Obeying the Word: 40%
  • · Word(devotion) :
  • · Prayer :
  • · Amen ( 2 )
  • · Those who said Amen :
  • You, 陳興華
I woke hardly this morning, but thanks God I could go to morning devotion. Today morning Devotion was “to be disciple of God”. Yes, maybe most of us know about it. To be disciple of God, we have to follow His actions. In Matthew when God went to Samarian woman, He didn’t just speak to her, but also give her “water of life”. It was mean salvation. He saved her. He gave her “forever life”, and I as His disciple, I have to follow His actions. Go out from my comfort zone to others to bless them to help me. Don’t play in my comfort zone, don’t just love people who love me, don’t only care to people who care me, don’t just kind to my community but go out from my comfort zone reach them who lost, reach them who lonely. Be their friends. This is my meditation today. Help me to do it God~
After morning devotion cuz I felt so pain in my headache n stomach, I slept again until 11 o’clock. After woke up my headache n stomach still gave me pain badly. ㅠㅠ I can’t move it’s so pain. So I put my hands on my stomach and head and pray. my roommate also helped me, give warm water to me to drink and make my stomach warm with warm water. At 12 o’clock It’s going better so I could went to “foreign prayer meeting”. We discuss and shared about Act 1: 1-5. God talked to His disciple to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit. And God also talked to us in here to wait and pray. God have a big plan for us. It really gave me strength. I don’t need to hurry n push myself badly to learn all in one time. I don’t need to worry n rush. I just need to wait and pray what God will do for me. I just need to obey n try my best, don’t need to hurry n rush, don’t need to push myself badly. I just need to wait, pray n obey. Give my best God will do the rest.
I went to church at 3, heared kansanim’s storied and went dinner with yongmi onni and her husband. Thanks God for these amazing people. Today on Friday night worship, I also felt blessed. I longed to be closer to God. My desire is close to God more n more. And feel real that we’re one body.
Thanks n love you God.