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2017-03-09 23:56
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 45%
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I’m so thankful for God grace today. I met many new friends through “You and I” program. Actually at first, I didn’t want to go to the program. Cuz I really tired. I have Hebrew class, go to bank for visa documents, meet friend from daejon, go to immigration etc. I was so busy and tired. But yes, God have another plan for me. I have to obey, that why I went to the program. Then I met so many new friends. But What is surprising is that this meeting is just a meeting to meet new friends, but I can share God’s mercy n grace to them. Actually I didn’t expect anything from this program, I also never think to share about what God was and is doing for me. Cuz I am a person that never talked about my selves n what God was doing to me to person who I meet first time. But today I did it. And it help him to raise up n walk close to God again. I amazed what God did. It’s amazing.
Because of this I remembered again about our morning devotion that rev Paul shared that God has amazing plan more than we thought. And we naver know how God make it. We just need to obey.