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Title |   becuase of God
2017-03-09 00:36
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Today is my first morning devotion in dormitory. I was so joyful when I heard dormitory alarm that made us woke up. the alarm is "worship song". it's korean song : " 일어나라 주의 백성, 빛을 빛우라“ - ” woke up/ raise up God's people. i'm felt so blessed cuz of the song. I am God's people. I have to shine God's shine inside me. Rev. Abraham lead our devotion today. he talked about "compassion". about God compassion especially for us in foreign country. God see us all the time, and we don't need to worry about anything cuz of "God's compassion"

I have full class today. "proverb" class was quite difficult but so interesting. but "genesis" class was so difficult. most of the class use "hebrew" bible. read it, and have to interpretation. all the time, I was pray, may God help me n give me "wisdom" to study. some parts I can uinderstand, but when they translation it, interpretation the grammar etc, I can't understand it well. but Thanks God I can finish the class well. I really felt God's hand that always hold me, give me strong and faith that I can study well. I just have to study well n say thanks in many circutamces.

we (all foreign student) went to restaurant with president of univ n president of foreign department. it's not just as usual dinner, lt's look like family dinner. beautiful smile, warm heart. it's possible because of God. cause of Jesus Christ we can united. how beautiful family in Christ is.
after dinner, my advisor prof take me to book store near school n bought some books for me. i'm so blessed. prof also give me some of his books. although all of it about hebrew n siria langguage (grammar books, dictionaries) that make me stress but I'm so happy n blessed cuz prof believe in me. priof believe that I can make it. he believe I can learn n do it well. it make me believe my selves more.yes, God believe in me. He sent me here, He believe I can through all things well, He give me right people to help, He make prof believe in me, that why prof believe I can make it. all of it because of You God.
all things possible because of You.