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2017-03-07 00:00
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God, my dad~ thankyou so much for today. as I promised, I asked sister M to prayer together everynight. but yes, I am failed. ㅠㅠ
but I saw her heart moved. I believe she is thinking about it.
today I didn't do QT. I just read from kakaotalk. psalm 63:7-8. but from the QT part, I love this sentence :“ so, consider it all joy when ever you are enveloped in various trials. there are gifts from God, reminding you rely on Me alone."

I read book for tommorrow class "Reason of existence" and I so blessed with this words.
He who sows seeds and gives water is nothing, but He is the only one who grows up. We can not expect to see how the seed will bear fruit in the future. He who will weeps and we just have to believe that He will reap the sweetness with joy, and we must sow the seed of the Word and the seed of love in the place of our lives do.
so...God give us a new gift. The new gift is someone who we love. The gift of God is not just a loving person but a constant period of love and living with that person. -235p

today, I also busy buy books, search book in library, copied books, buy learn how to buy book online with 문화상품권, went to bank for prepare my visa files, call family, fb, etc. A quite busy day, n today I didn't think about You as many as tomorrow God. sorry,ㅠㅠ
Keep spirit for tomorrow n hope tomorrow we can spend it more intim..
Good night God