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Title |   i am less, but You are more
2017-03-06 23:39
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 45%
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  • 陳興華, noh
Today when I opened my heart I thought about Jesus n pray. But suddenly when I recalled that today is my first Hebrew class, my thinking flied to study. suddenly I become in rush. I just read morning devotion in kakaogroup but yeah now, (at night) because of my thinking was rush and messy, I totally can't remember anything, ㅠㅠ
I spent all my day by learnt hebrew. yes, last time I learnt it is 5 years ago. now, I didn't remember anything. I can't read anymore, I forgot all the grammar. I regret why I didn't study it again in Mokwon, ㅠㅠ I studied by my selves all the day and the time was coming. it's "Hebrew langguage club". my advisor prof asked me to join this club last week, that's why I in rush n very nervous. but Thanks so much God, YOu always know the best things for me and always give amazing people. a bit different that I thought before, all of them is really kind and humble. they supported me as family. and yes, You give me a new community again God. Big thanks for it. and thankyou so much You help me to remember alphabets of hebrews so I can read it. although I can't translation it. but it's still miracle for me. it's because of Your grace.
after the club, I went to hebrew songs class. yes, I learnt hebrew again. it's interesting days and nervous day for me. I have little bit stress but I'm full of thanks.
I see again today how wonderful YOu are God. I felt how You always hold my hands and give me good people. How amazing Your plan, and how faithful You are to me. i never afraid about tomorrow, cuz YOu are with me. although i am always less, You are always more~