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Title |   Proud to be Yours.
2017-03-05 22:57
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Thanks God for today.. thanks for Your day. Thanks that I can serve you again. Thanks for always give me change to serve you as Your servant.
Thanks for Your message today that I am Your belove child. You brought me from darkness to light. Thanks that YOu never let me stay in dwell in sin, and thanks that nowdays You allowed me to experience and feel it. How You love me, How YOu always wait and support me.

This weeks, our worship team is full. Thankyou for add some people God. I believe, it's YOu made it God. You give right people in right time. Thanks you so much God, ^^ And I don't know why but nowdays I have big expectation for my spiritual journey with You God. I hope, I can always walk with You God, I pray that my prayer life can alive again so I can live as a intercessors in You. Not what I expect but what YOu expect.

in New comers group, we have christin from Egypt today. actually, she came to korean as exchange student in Chonan. she is really cute and bright. I am thanks for new family in You God. that's why I am proud to be Your children. I can many families in many bacgrounds and cultures. I am so glad that I can be one with all of them because of YOu.

after finish all services, I came back to dormitory. I took subway with nadie. thank God for give nadie to our community and to our worship team. all the ways we just talked about YOu God. How we meet You, how You love us, How big and faithfl your heart and feeling to us. thanks for wonderful time along the way. thanks for today God~ I love YOu