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Title |   Ordinary and Regretful
2017-02-06 23:10
  • · Looking upon JESUS : 40%
  • · Obeying the Word: 40%
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  • Kim, Esther, park, Baek
God keeps reminding me of the love and grace He gave me through Jesus's cross. It's the essential thing we Christians should always remember and meditate on, but I sometimes get numb about it. But if I forget God's grace, that can be a big minus to the relationship between God and me. I promised God that I would meditate on this fact during the whole day, but I remembered Jesus very scarcely today.
Today wasn't very special. But that doesn't mean that it was boring or unpleasant. It was quite peaceful. I did what I always did as usual, and sent Jiwon to her math academy. After that, I went to Kyobo to look for TOEFL books. It was fun, hanging out by myself, even if it was just two and a half hours. I took pictures of the books that suited me and some of the books Jiwon needed. The books certainly weren't cheap, but mom bought them for us anyway. I promised her and myself that I would study those books very, very hard.
Following mom's suggestion, I'm thinking of going to Lotte World with Jiwon tomorrow. It'd be a great present for Jiwon, and I myself will be able to enjoy Lotte World very much. She doesn't know about the plan yet. I can't wait to tell her when she gets back.
One thing I regret about today is that I read books only a little. It is the only study I'm doing right now, and I'm getting too lazy or distracted. This is something I must fix.
More than anything, I want to look towards God only. That is the proper way a worshiper should live. I want to talk with God every second of my life, and obey him in every ways. I sincerely hope tomorrow will be that kind of day.
  • Baek(bsi4j7)
  • 2017-02-07 21:11
  • Amen. Peace be with you!