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Title |   January 12. [Three commandments o
2017-01-12 07:45
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January 12.

[Three commandments of the LORD]
Haggai 2:1-9

1. Be strong חֲזַק (4)
2. Work (4) עָשָה
3. Fear not (5) אַל–תִּירָה

Be strong!
To Joshua and Zerubbabel, the LORD of hosts said, Be strong.
It means that they are ‘weak.’
God told to each to be strong, so that being strong is the matter for each of us, not for community.

Work! for I am with you, declares the LORD of hosts.
The LORD didn’t say, ‘Work! For there are lots of things to do!’ Nor ‘Work! For you have called.” But He said “Work! for I am with you.”
Because the thing to work, that is, to buildup the temple again, is not the new calling for them. They already know what is the matter!

Today, I heard the voice of the LORD, as I was in the congregation, speaking aloud this verse.
“Work! for I am with you!” It means to fear not!

Fear not!
The negative commandment!
Fear not!

These three commandments start with ‘Be strong’ and end with ‘fear not.’ The commandment to work is the middle.
1. There should be attack and struggle against the work for the LORD.
2. Work is the most active and the middle thing we have to do. Yes. Work is only one command to do something. Be strong and Fear not is not for the action but for the attitude, the matter of heart.
3. The work for the LORD is starts with heart and ends with heart.
4. God’s work is, though being surrounded by the terrible things, should be done with courageous heart.

Yes. As today’s saying of preacher, ‘being stop is not because of bad situation, but because of the drowned heart.’ If it is the true calling of God, it should be done.
My work, is to be the student of the LORD. (Isaiah 50:4-10)