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2017-01-03 11:19
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  • Esther
After the war,
After the winning,
After the first tenth in the human history,
After the victory,
The warrior, Abram, fell into the great fear.

In Genesis 15,
Not Abram, but the LORD came to him and said,
First words show us what is the feeling and problem of Abram.
The LORD said, “Fear not Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” (15:1)
Yes, Abram was terrified. He terribly needed protection.
So God said to him, ‘I will protect you!’
And he, although he have said to the 5 kings not to have plunder, thought about his loss, the loss of time and energy and finance.
So God said to him, “Your reward will be very great!”
Great and correct answer!

After the morning prayer meeting,
Meditation on the word of God is the power of my life.
Faith is the mysterious.
Have a good day~!