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Title |   Before the blessing, reestablishing
2016-12-24 08:48
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  • Esther
Dec. 24.
[Before the blessing, reestablishing relationship should come.]

Yes, indeed.
Today, in the morning prayer time, I was praying for ‘car.’
O Father, give me a new car!
You know that I need a car!!

Almost always, God answers before my praying.
But this time, God said,
‘First reconcile with her.’
Who’s she?
She is the one who gave me a car and taken away again.
She is the one who poured out harsh things by text message.
I wept yesterday..
I’ve already forgave her, alone.

But God said, ‘Reconcile with her.’
And He told to me to send message ‘please forgive me.’
Why do I need to say ‘forgive me?’
She hurt me! Then why?
But I said to God, Yes Lord.
(For the Lord is the Lord of my life!)

And, I found her name in Kakaotalk blocked friends’ name and wrote apologizing letter and send it to her.
I cannot feel great thing right now,
but I believe that God smiles at me.

Without my asking,
God already started to provide my need.
Yes, I believe that God will protect and provide always!
Not because I’m serving him and starting to minister the lonely women,
but because I’m a daughter of God, the loved one.

Amen and Amen.
Merry Christmas!