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Title |   God's will toward Korea
2016-12-03 04:24
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The Christian faith necessarily includes the faith in not only the love of God but also in the sovereignty of God. Matthew 10:29-30 teaches us this point well. Not even a sparrow would fall to the ground outside of God's care, and God knows even the number of the hair on our heads. If God's care extends to such miniscule event like a falling of one sparrow and to such infinitesimal detail as the number of our hair, then we can safely assume that His care also extends to matters that have much greater influence on our lives such as the welfare and reputation of the nation, especially if the nation has a substantial number of Christians like Korea has. Many people, even some Christians, might think that the uncovering of the political corruption that is currently assailing Korea is happening outside of God's care and providence. But I believe that our sovereign and loving God has a specific plan for Korea through the current turmoil. I believe that it was God who caused or at least allowed the current political corruption scandal to be exposed and to come to light under the scrutiny of the Korean public and to many other foreign countries, some of whom are not sympathetic.

So what is God's "will" toward Korea in light of the current political fiasco that has the almost the entire country mourning and angry? We can find an answer when we think of Korea as a person. When a person, especially a Christian, continues in some kind of sin, what would God do? He would expose the sin or bring about some kind of unpleasant events in his life so that he would repent and come back to the Lord. Of course, God would be very patient and typically give this person many, many chances to stop the sin in a much more discrete and mild manner. However, if he (or she) continues in that sin, God would chastise that person out of love (Heb 12:6, Prov 3:12). So in this sense, it is entirely possible that the reason behind the current political fiasco may be that God wants Korea to repent. How can a nation repent? Repent of what?

In many instances in the Bible when the Lord admonished "Woe to Israel," we know that God was urging the Israelites to repent. Likewise, God may be urging the Koreans to repent, especially the Korean Christians who are supposed to be the salt and light for the nation of Korea and possibly the rest of the world. Repent of what? This question has to be answered individually among the Christians who are walking with Jesus. Each of us has different areas of our lives that we need to repent, but if Christians collectively repent, I am very sure that God will hear our prayers and heal the land of Korea. Koreans who are not Christians do not know Jesus so their repentance cannot be expected. It is of course true that some non-Christians may come to the saving faith through the current political fiasco, since God can use any circumstances to convict the hearts of the unsaved. However, for this particular scandal, as well as many other scandals in Korea leading up the current scandal, it seems that the burden to pray and to repent falls on the Korean Christians who are "salt and light" for Korea.

Personally, I am neither opposed to or for the candle-lit demonstration. I am sure the Lord will lay in our hearts what we all need to do that may be different among us. But whatever it is, we need to be mindful of the fact that God's providence is at work now and then we need to be particularly attentive to God’s "specific will" toward Korea. More than ever, we need to walk with the Lord, gaze upon him and follow him, confessing to Jesus the following: "Trusting that You will make all things right, if I surrender to Your will." (R. Niebuhr)