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2016-11-04 03:57
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  • 陳興華
God does not change; He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). However, God works through changes. Everything (yes, everything) God does results in some kind of a change. I used to think that if I just sit still and do nothing for few minutes, then there would be no change in my life. But even if nothing noticeable happens in those few minutes that I am just sitting there, the time will continue to tick and I will be few minutes older. So there has been a change. The point of all this is to know that God created time, space and matter, which together make up the universe, and the universe is constantly changing around us. Of course, we are made of not only the physical matters but made also of the soul and spirit, which are made by God too. Generally speaking, God very often uses the time, space and matter to bring about the "good" changes to soul and spirit, which together are sometimes called as an inner man in the Bible (2 Cor 4:16).

The most important change is the rebirth of our dead spirit when we accept Jesus as our savior and the Lord. Thereafter, we walk different paths but whatever those paths are, they will be full of changes along the way. Of course, even the unsaved folks live their lives full of changes, but there is one big difference: we face or make the changes with Jesus who resides in us while the unsaved face the changes without him.

From our perspectives, there are good changes and bad changes. Of course, we need to be mindful that our definition of "good" changes may be often different from the definition of "good" changes according to God. A big part of our faith is to believe that God is working out His plan to bring about good changes in us by various means, including the time, space and matter, which, in everyday language, is the circumstances that we face.

This means that we must believe that there is something good in the circumstances that God has created or at least allowed in our lives. After all, His plan is not to harm us but rather to give us hope and a future (Jer 29:11). To understand God’s plan for us, we must understand that He is working out the good changes in us so that we would eventually be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, who is the first born among us (Rom 8:29).

At this point, it is absolutely imperative to understand and know that this plan of God is not only directed toward me but also toward all those others who were chosen by God before the creation of the universe. So who are the chosen? Those who are "in Christ" are clearly chosen. But additionally, there are others who are not in Christ now but may end up being "in Christ" later. We simply don't know. This is the reason why when we face some circumstance that is confusing to us, we need to remind ourselves that God has either created or at least allowed that circumstance in my life for this purpose: that God wants to bring about some "good" change in my life or in the life of OTHERS, where others can be either Christians or non-Christians.

So what is this “good” change and what role does God want me to play in this change? This is one simple way to discern God's will when we face a circumstance that is puzzling or confusing at times. As I said, the good change that God is planning may be completely invisible and hidden for a prolonged time, but God will in due time reveal His specific plan to us and we will rejoice, if we remain in Jesus.