Step-by-step guide to the journal
  • 1. Join
  • 2. Request to join small group
  • 3. Post a Journal
1. Become a member on website for spiritual journal
  1. ① Enter "" on internet address bar and move to the website.
  2. ② Apply for admission of membership through menu bar, "Membership application", located in the left top of main screen.
  3. ③ For membership application, please record type your name, attending church including denomination, e-mail address correctly as best as you can.
2. Joining a sharing room
  1. Joining on existing sharing room

  2. - After login, click "Request to join a sharing room" to show the window for the request.
  3. - Select large group>medium group>small group and sharing room, and click "Request" on lower part. Completing the application, it will be notified to the sharing room leader automatically.
  4. - Upon acceptance of the request by the sharing room leader, you can start post a spiritual journal.
  1. Creating(Opening) a new sharing room

  2. - After login, click "Request to create(open) sharing room" to display the window for the request.
  3. - Select large group>medium group>small group and request the opening of sharing room as you want. The request will be notified to the control personnel.
    (If you do not find applicable small group, you can make new small group by writing the new name of small group and click " Small group creation" prior to the request to create sharing room.
  4. - Upon acceptance of the request by the control personnel, you can start writing a spiritual journal. (Sharing room needs at least 4 perons to be created)
  1. The role of the sharing room leader

  2. - Pray for room members and encourage members with writing comments and recommending "Amen".
  3. - Check the assignment request of new members and accept or reject.
3. Start to write a spiritual journal
  1. ① Joining sharing room, click "post a journal" to go to the journal page.
  2. ② Enter a title and select "Open journal" or "Open to sharing room" as you want. When you select "Open journal", your journal can be listed to be subject to become a recommended journal.
  3. ③ Record the percentage of "Behoding JESUS" and "Obeying the Word".
  4. ④ After writing content, click "Posting journal" and your journal will be registered.
  5. ⑤ While post a journal, you can save journal by clicking "Temporary save" and you can continue posting a journal by clicking "Post a journal" again later on.
  6. ⑥ If you want to edit your journal, click "My journal" and open your journal. And you can edit your journal by clicking "Edit journal".
4. Encourage your members with comments and Amen recommendation
  1. ① Click "My sharing room" on left side of menu bar and select your sharing room.
  2. ② Click diaries of your room members and you can read diaries.
  3. ③ If you click "Recommend Amen", your name will de added as "Members, recommended Amen". You can register your comment after writing an encouraging comment.
5. Other functions
  1. ① You can read "Column", "Recommended journal" and "Open journal" , without login.
  2. ② Your journal will be posted simultaneously on the sharing rooms that you have selected.
  3. ③ If you have any questions or suggestions, you click "Request/Suggestion/Notice" on left side of menu bar to make them.
  4. ④ You can check 10 Q & A, and frequently asked questions by clicking "Guide to spiritual journal" on the left side of menu bar.
  5. ⑤ You can take a short lecture for spiritual journal by clicking "Seminar on spiritual journal" on the top of menu bar.